Feb 162010

In today’s “New Media” world, it seems people love streaming video and the like. We’ve all heard that a successful website, or one that draws a lot of attention, is one that has video content.  Last night, I went to see a presentation by The Bui Brothers who advocated this, after all, its how they make their living(videos that is).

With the proliferation of free video hosting, such as YouTube, everyone is becoming a filmmaker.  After all, its a quick, direct way to communicate or to get a message across.  Most people who are part of the “New Media” age have at least one device that can take a video; an iPhone, a point and shoot camera, a DLSR, a video camcorder, a netbook, a notebook, a PC with a videocam, etc…

In terms of video editing, there’s lots of low cost or free programs.  For example, if you have a Mac, it comes with iMovie and Garage Band.  The combination of these two programs allows you to make some decent edits and compose a custom music score to go with your video.  For something a little more robust, there’s Final Cut Pro on the Apple.  In the PC world, the’s Premiere Elements, Premiere, Sony Vegas and a host of other programs for video editing and sound editing.

So what’s the bottom line?  If you have video on your website, it’ll likely help attract the traffic you want to your website.  For those of you who don’t like writing, what better way is there to get content for your website?  Look out or my first video blog entry coming soon.

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