Mar 162010

Mustard plants grow wild in northern california during the months from January to Marh, depending on weather and rainfall.  As the hills turn green, mustard starts growing wild.  Hues of green and yellow(from the wild mustard plants) define the hills and fields during this season.

In Napa Valley, one of culinary meccas of California, the annual mustard festival is held.  This year, it runs from January 30 to March 27.  Amongst the events, the feastival holds four contests;

Worldwide Mustard Contest
Mustard Recipe Contest
Art Contest
Photography Contest

This is a wonderful time of the ear to get out and explore the local landscape.  The green and yellow hues change with the light and add definition to the local lanscape, especially the hills.  Soon after this season, as the weather becomes warmer, the familiar brown hues return to the local landscape until the following year.

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