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Mother nature has yet to show her full colors in Plumas County.  Warmer weather during the week has slowed down the colors.  The peak is still about one to two weeks away.  Generally, the best colors can be found off the beaten path at the higher elevations and along the creeks and streams (Note:  Due to technical issues, pictures will be posted later this week).

Chester – There are a few good spots for color around town.  The most notable are:  In front of the bicycle shop, by the pizza parlor and behind the police station.

Indian Falls – Some of the dogwoods and maples have started turing colors.  Along the creek the colors have also started turning.

Lake Almanor – Along the South western side of the lake, there are hints of color starting to show.  Some of the residential areas have their own “private groves” of aspens which are in full bloom.

Lassen Natonal Park – North of Sumit Lake is showing some colors, primarily yellows.  Manzanita Lake also has some yellows.

Oroville – Still mostly green.

Quincy – Most of the colors haven’t shown yet, but if you search around the residential areas, there are a few trees that have turned.  Peak should be about another week or two.

Rt. 89 near Clear Creek – Down along the creek areas near Clear Water there is a smattering of colors.  Some Aspens have turned about 85%.

Rt. 89 near Burney Falls – Widespread color has started showing itself.  The farther you go off 89, the more color.

Rt. 32 between Chico and  Rt. 36/89 Intersection – Along the creek, yellows and reds can be found.  Notably, the Indian Rhubarb along the creek areas is in full bloom showing gorgeous reds.

For some foliage shots taken during the weekend of October 16, 2010, go to;

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