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With Carol Leigh’s board ending, fall foliage reports for California are sparse and scattered.  Having read various reports, some had indicated that fall was early this year.  Taking a chance, I decided to take a drive to the Hope Valley area and then return to the bay area via route 49, not quite entering Plumas County.  For the most part, peak in some areas is past with leaves already having come off the tress and in other areas, a mix, maybe about 60 – 90%.  The effects of chilly evenings, wind and some warmer days is having an interesting effect this year.  Bottom line – Go Now!  Below are the observed conditions;

Hope Valley – The area around Sorensen’s resort is about 90% with the rest of Hope Valley varying from 60-80%.  The effects of the weather patterns causing the “lemon-lime” effect in tree leaves.  Most of the colors in this area are aspen yellows with some hits of orange in the area.

Rt 89 to Rt 49 Junction – Driving along the river one can observe that most of the trees there are around 75 – 95%.  Other areas away from the water, the trees may be 50 – 80%.  For the most part, this area is pretty much at peak for about another week.  Most colors are yellow aspens.

Rt 49 – Sierraville – Downieville – Grass Valley – As you drive along the river, color is abundant.  The river areas is at peak or will be at peak in the next week.  Areas away from the river seem to be around 50%.  As you travel west from Sierraville, colors progressively get more brilliant and closer to peak.  Most aspen yellows with a sprinkling of oranges and reds.

More Photos:  My Gallery


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